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What is Cypress Wood Used For?

What is Cypress Wood Used For? You might have been hearing a buzz lately about cypress wood. These trees grow along riverbeds and in swamps. They’re native to Maryland and along the coast all the way to Texas.

Cypress trees have been used for many purposes over the years. The wood is lightweight, durable, and has no sap. It is a popular choice for outdoor furniture projects because of its durability and natural rot-resistant properties due to the natural oils in the wood.

Find out what the National Wildlife Association has to say about cypress trees.

Characteristics of cypress wood

  • Water-resistant- this makes it a great building material for piers, docks, boats, and exterior siding and shingles for houses.
  • Rot and insect resistant- it is a long-lasting and lightweight material used in interior and exterior furniture.
  • Very stable- cypress wood is very stable meaning it is not prone to common problems such as splintering, cracking, warping, or splitting.
cypress trees growing in swamp
Cypress trees growing in Louisiana

Is cypress a hardwood or a softwood?

Cypress is a softwood with some of the best qualities of a hardwood. It is strong like hardwoods such as maple and ash but is light like pine. Along with that, it is easy to work with like softwoods are. In addition to that, it is less likely to warp, shrink, split, or twist, but still has a tight grain and growth ring like hardwood.

Why is cypress wood valuable?

Cypress trees create an oily resin that makes the wood decay and water-resistant and also repels most insects. These along with other quality characteristics make cypress wood a very valuable and versatile wood.

Uses of Cypress wood

Cypress timbers

Cypress wood has many practical uses including:

  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Paneling
  • Decking
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Boats
  • Piers

Siding: Cypress wood is used for siding because it’s naturally rot-resistant. Siding cypress has a warm reddish-amber color, often sought after due to its natural appearance. The color will be lost over time if it isn’t properly protected against sunlight.

Roofing: Cypress makes great shingles because it has resistant qualities to insects, harsh weather, water, and shrinkage. Nails and screws are also less likely to bend, break, or split the wood when attaching to the side or roof of the house.

Paneling: Paneling made out of cypress is used in houses because of the pleasing, compact grain pattern and the rich golden color of the wood. Cypress also takes stains, oils, and sealers well making it a versatile option for wall coverings.

Decking: Cypress is used in decking because it is a very durable and weather-resistant wood. It is easy to work with and can be machined and planed for a perfect fitting.

Outdoor furniture: Furniture made out of cypress is an affordable and high-quality wood that will resist environmental damage. The cypress tree contains cypressine, an oil that naturally preserves the wood, making it resistant to salty air as well as fungus and insects.

Boats: It is softer than oak or teak wood and has natural water and decay-resistant traits that make it good for making boats.

Piers: It has minimal shrinkage, twisting, and warping making it a great choice for making boat docks and piers. With proper maintenance, the wood can last upwards of 40 years.

Can you stain cypress wood?

This wood stands up to harsh weather, regular use, and takes stains and sealants very well. For Cypress wood to be used outdoors an oiled base stain is a better option and polyurethane varnish is better for Cypress wood for interior purposes.

cypress lumber
Cypress lumber

Wrapping Up

Cypress wood is a versatile material with many uses, particularly in housing and construction. Its resistance to moisture, insects, rot, and decay makes it a very desirable wood.

Unfortunately, the price keeps rising because of the poor growth rates, restricted supply, and greater than-usual demand.

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  1. It was impressive to learn how cypress wood is not only water-resistant but also resists decay. This makes it perfect for exterior structures like docks and patios. I will suggest this type of wood to my parents so they could prepare for it along with the other hardware materials that would go with it.

  2. I’m grateful you informed us that cypress is good to use for outdoor furniture since it’s high-quality even though it’s affordable and can resist environmental damage. I want to do some DIY work soon by making kitchen cabinets on my own, so I wanted to get the wood I need to use as materials for the cabinets. I’ll be sure to take note of what you said while I look for a nearby lumber yard to visit soon.

  3. Hey there! Thanks much for sharing your informational content. I’ve learned a lot about cypress wood. It is good to know that the wood is durable, lightweight, and has no sap. I want to use it for my outdoor furniture. I like that cypress wood has several good characteristics, including being very stable, water-resistant, and insect and rot-resistant. It’s good news that the wood has a lot of practical uses. Thanks again for the comprehensive guide!


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