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Tigerwood Decking and Siding

tigerwood deckTigerwood is an exotic hardwood from Brazil. It is well known and appreciated for its beauty, sturdiness, and longevity. These attributes make it ideal for decking and siding projects.

If you’re considering this material for outdoor decking and siding, here are a few features to consider.


Tigerwood gets its name from its unique coloring. It varies in appearance from light golden brown, to reddish brown with irregular stripes of darker black or brown.

Tigerwood is a popular choice for both decking and siding because of its beautiful, exotic appearance. The tiger-striped wood grain patterns offer a beautiful, unique look that darkens slightly to a redder tone with exposure to sunlight.

An oil finish application can be done to help maintain its color, but this is purely a matter of preference rather than necessity. It will not affect durability. Without oiling, the color will fade to a beautiful gray or silver color, giving it a weathered or distressed look.


For siding, tigerwood is considered the highest quality, best natural wood on the market. When used as siding, it will need to be cleaned less often than traditional options.

In addition to decking and siding, tigerwood is also a durable choice for building, due to its hardness. When it comes to longevity, tigerwood is second only to Ipe wood. It can have a lifespan of 50 plus years.

The hardness of tigerwood makes it resistant to scratches from pets, patio furniture, or outdoor grills. This feature will extend the beauty and life of the wood in an area with heavy foot traffic.

Tigerwood does not need paint or finish. It will remain durable and rot-resistant throughout its lifetime.

If oiled, redo every few years to maintain the desired color. The process is the same for decking or siding.

Tigerwood vs. Other Decking Materials

Compared to more traditional decking materials, such as red cedar or pressure-treated pine, tigerwood comes out ahead when considering maintenance and durability. Other options have more shrinking and expanding with exposure to the elements. They also need more maintenance with sanding and refinishing every year or so.

That simply isn’t the case with tigerwood. It even outlasts most man-made composite decking options, and can often be less expensive as well.

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The purchase and installation of tigerwood can be expensive upfront, but will save you money in the long run because it will not need continual maintenance. The average price per square foot is $8-$15 for material, plus the installation fee.

Because of its extreme hardness, tigerwood will need to be professionally installed for best results. Holes often have to be pre-drilled and require precision craftsmanship.

Because tigerwood is a rainforest tree, looking for ethically sourced wood is important. Look for a supplier that responsibly sources the wood from a sustainable producer. This also helps ensure a quality product.

Proper acclimatization and installation will ensure minimal shrinkage and expansion, compared to other decking options. This creates a more stable and durable surface.

Additional Qualities and Considerations

Tigerwood is a 100 percent natural building option that does not have any chemically produced additives.

This wood type gets smoother over time and will not splinter or sliver. This feature is one more reason it makes for an ideal material for decking. There is no need to sand it to keep it in good shape.

Its density also makes tigerwood very resistant to insects, rot, and fungi. Without worry about these damaging intrusions, it will be easier to enjoy your decking or siding.

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Tigerwood is a dramatic, beautiful option for whatever project you choose. Research thoroughly to make the best choice for your home and outdoor living spaces.

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