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Hardwood vs Softwood

What Decking Material Lasts the Longest?

So what IS the real difference between hardwood and softwood, when it comes to building materials? In this article, we’re going to explore the differences between the two, and why it matters. Despite its name, hardwood is not necessarily any denser or stronger than softwood. The two terms actually reference deciduous trees versus evergreen trees. … Read more

Best Materials for Fencing

red stained cedar fence

A sturdy new fence does a lot more than close in the perimeters of your yard and property. It provides privacy, protection from roaming animals, and a visual backdrop for your outdoor environment. Here at LRJ Lumber, we pride ourselves in using top-quality material that enhances your landscape and lasts through the seasons. This article … Read more

Cedar vs Redwood for Decking or Fencing

redwood is available for decking

Cedar and redwood are known and loved for many of the same qualities, all of which make them excellent building materials. These attributes include strength, beauty, straight grains, and minimal shrinkage. Additionally, both timbers are naturally oily, creating a natural barrier to both moisture and wood-boring insects.  However, there are a few notable differences, which … Read more