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What Decking Material is Best?

Composite decking that doesn't get hot

Which Decking Material Is the Best? Decking can be used as an alternative to stone-based features like patios, as part of garden design, and to increase the living space of a home. When thinking about building a deck for your house, it’s crucial to compare the costs and benefits and select a material and style … Read more

Can Cedar Wood be Painted?

can cedar wood be painted

Can cedar wood be painted? Cedar wood is an adaptable and robust domestic hardwood that originated in Asia and the Mediterranean.  Cedar trees currently grow in many areas around the world. There are numerous varieties of cedar trees. Although, for lumber purposes, Eastern and Western red cedar are the most popular cedars. Furthermore, this wood … Read more

Is Cedar Wood Good for Outdoors?

Is cedar wood good for outdoors

Cedar trees originated in the Himalayas and in the Mediterranean, but are currently grown in temperate climates all over the world. Cedar trees can grow up to 131 feet in height and 8feet in diameter. Some types of cedar wood are classified as softwood and some types are classified as hardwood. Most woodworkers choose hardwoods … Read more