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Levanté® Architectural Aluminum -

Aluminum Wood Grain Surfaces Designed for Commercial & Residential Use.
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Perfect For Any Project

Whether you are designing a privacy fence, deck spaces, or creating a bold façade for a home or a commercial building, let your creative juices flow. Design with Levanté® and elevate and enhance the beauty of your entire project. Levanté® Aluminum Architectural Components provide the ultimate in protection and style, and when you pair your design with its performance, you’ll create care-free and cost-effective outdoor environments that will provide lasting beauty. Use it to create ultralow maintenance privacy enclosures, facades, soffits & ceilings, interior wall accents, deck spaces, and much more.

Levanté® is easy to install with traditional hand tools. Installers will love the easy installation, and owners will love how quickly it all comes together. Structurally secure, Levanté® elevates outdoor spaces above the rest. To find out more about Levanté® Aluminum Architectural Components, call a LRJ Lumber representative at 800-442-3396.