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Is Cedar Wood Good for Outdoors?

red stained cedar fenceCedar trees originated in the Himalayas and in the Mediterranean, but are currently grown in temperate climates all over the world.

Cedar trees can grow up to 131 feet in height and 8feet in diameter.

Some types of cedar wood are classified as softwood and some types are classified as hardwood.

Most woodworkers choose hardwoods for construction purposes.

Here at Lee Roy Lumber Lumber Company, we use Western Red Cedar  and Incense Cedar for our projects. Incense Cedar is a more budget-friendly option than Western Red Cedar.

Some studies have shown that Western Red Cedar may have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Both Western Red Cedar and Incense Cedar are commonly used in the United States for various construction purposes, such as decking, flooring, fencing, etc.

Lifespan Of Cedar Wood

Cedar wood may last over 20 years when used in outdoor structures, such as decks, pergolas, gazebos, or furniture.

It can last between 15 and 20 years when used for constructing a fence or support posts.

Advantages Of Cedar Wood

  • Cedar is highly resistant to rot and termites due to its natural resins. This allows the wood to last for many years without any maintenance or treatment.
  • It is does not warp or sag and is highly resistant to humidity. This makes it a great choice for outdoor settings.
  • Cedar is affordable, low-maintenance and is cheaper than teak wood. It is also lighter than oak while still being very strong and durable.
  • Cedar has ingrained insulation due to air pockets contained within the grain of the wood. This protects the timber from severe temperature changes and helps prevent expansion and warping.
  • Cedar is also heavy-duty when made into furniture, possessing enough weight to be able to withstand many conditions.

Disadvantages Of Cedar Wood

  • Hardwood cedars may not last as long as some other hardwood species.
  • Some types of softwood cedar can become dented easily.
  • It is expensive compared to wood like pine.
  • It requires regular maintenance as the color may fade away due to chemical reaction.

Ways To Ensure A Long Life For Your Cedar Wood Furniture

Hand wash occasionally with mild detergent and a soft rag, and rinse with a hose.

Apply a mild bleach and water solution when removing stubborn stains or mildew. Rinse thoroughly, and allow drying before applying any stain or sealant.

Look out for moisture around metal. Dry around the screws and bolts area to prevent accumulation of rust and even rust stains.

How To Stain Cedar Wood

Use either a paintbrush or a paint roller. Apply the wood stain with the grain, instead of against the grain.

Take your paintbrush and fill in any corners, joints, seams, and edges with stain.

ProTip Takeaway: A paint roller can miss some of the areas, and you will need to go back over the areas with a paintbrush to make sure they are fully coated and sealed.

Final Thoughtscedar kitchen

If you’re looking to use cedar for outdoor use, you may have wondered, is cedar wood good for outdoors?

Yes, cedar is a great wood for outdoor use. It has many key features that make it suited for outdoor use.

Cedar is one of the most popular woods used in woodworking. Different types of cedar wood can be used for almost any woodworking project including siding, decking, trimming, and flooring.

Furthermore, it is naturally resistant to environmental elements such as moisture. Along with that, it is rot and decay-resistant, and is able to be used in humid environments.

Lastly, it also repels bugs and insects. Cedar can be used for outdoor furniture, benches, flooring, fences, and wood carving without any problems.


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  1. I like to have Cedar Wood Shingles for our fence since I like its aesthetic look displayed in our front area. As you said, cedar is resistant to decay and termites because of its inherent resins. It permits the wood to last many years without needing to be maintained or treated. I’m happy that t is durable hard to decay, and away from termites because that is the usual problem with other wood.

  2. I found your article on cedar fence installation to be informative and well-written. The information you provided about the durability and low maintenance of cedar fences is valuable for readers considering this option. Your tips on preserving cedar fences through regular maintenance and cleaning are practical and easy to implement. The step-by-step instructions for installing a cedar fence are clear and concise. Overall, you’ve presented the content in a way that is accessible and helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


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