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How to Repair Composite Siding


composite siding
New Techwood is a type of composite siding.

Composite siding is becoming a more popular choice for homeowners because of its durability and low maintenance requirements.

Composite siding is made from scrap wood such as sawdust or wood chip fibers.  It is bonded together using resins, high heat, and pressure.  Many types of composite siding are available for purchase pre-primed and ready to paint.


However, even the best products can eventually require repairs. If you’re faced with a repair project, here are some tips to help you get the job done right.

How to Repair Composite Siding

Here is how you can repair composite siding:

  • Insert a pry bar into the bottom seam and gently tap with your hammer to remove the damaged panel. Work along all edges until it is loose enough for you to pull upward off the wall.  Make sure you do not damage it further when pulling it off.  You will need to have accurate measurements when installing the new panel.


  • To successfully replace the panel, measure its size and make sure that you have one of similar width.   Make sure the texture matches the old panels. Fiber cement is a durable material that will blend in well against other panels such as hardboard.   However, this choice may not work so well when faced with damaged wood-like vinyl.


  • Clean and prime your replacement panels before painting them. Sand the outside with medium-grit papers, scrubbing to remove any dirt or debris on them.   If needed, use dish detergent.  Allow time for drying completely before painting.  Don’t forget about all four sides.


  • Nail the new siding panel in place using a hammer and galvanized or stainless steel nails, securing it to your home’s studs. Place 16 inches apart for each panel.   Nail through both panels into the wood frame.  Leave no gaps between boards.  They should be touching each other.  Once all edges have been nailed down securely, secure with caulk along seams.  Don’t forget about the corners.   Next, apply exterior paint if desired.

Benefits of Composite Siding

There are many benefits to using composite siding.  Two big ones are that it is budget-friendly and very low maintenance.

It is also easy to clean.  Most stains or debris will come off easily with dish soap and water.  Installation is straightforward and uncomplicated.  Composite siding typically lasts up to 30 years.

There are many styles available and you can even customize your siding.  Composite boards are mixed with cement or chemicals to fight off infestations.


siding by newtechwood
New Techwood siding

The benefits of composite siding are endless. From being more durable to having a longer lifespan and requiring less maintenance, it is clear that this type of exterior cladding offers many advantages.

If you’re a fan of composite siding, you might be interested in our composite decking materials as well.  There are so many great things you can do with composite materials.

As the industry leader in the installation process for this product, we have provided homeowners with an easy-to-install solution so they can enjoy their new look again quickly. If you’re interested in what our team could do for your home as well, contact us today.

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  1. Thank you for explaining about some of the benefits of composite siding. My sister was talking to me about this and it made me curious to learn more. It seems like a very durable and easy to maintain material.

  2. I appreciate you outlining some of the advantages of composite siding. I was interested to learn more after listening to my sister talk about it. It appears to be a highly sturdy and straightforward-to-keep material. I’ll keep this in mind and opt for an installation soon enough.


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