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How Long Does Composite Siding Last?

composite sidingCurb appeal is your chance to make a good first impression with your house. Choosing the right siding is an important part of that. Composite siding is a long lasting option to consider, known to last up to 30 years with minimal maintenance.

But what exactly does “composite” mean? This form of building material is made from scrap wood and sawdust that is pressed together and bonded with resin. This process allows it to maintain the aesthetic of wood while being far more resistant to water damage.

Let’s take a look at the qualities composite siding has to offer as a preferred material for use with door frames, window finishings, hand rails, and other small exterior home projects.


Composite siding comes in a variety of colors and styles that mimic real wood. It is one of the most popular choices for siding and is frequently used in new construction. This material can also be purchased as pre-primed if you prefer to paint it yourself.

It can be a cost effective way to keep your home beautiful for years to come.


Composite siding is usually treated chemically to ward off fungi and insects. It’s a good idea to do some research and find options that are treated with zinc-borate, for the added benefit of avoiding termite damage.

Composite siding is durable and long lasting. It can last 30 years or longer with proper maintenance.

Some of the reasons it lasts so much longer than wooden or vinyl siding is its resistance to the elements. Shielding your home from the elements is important, no matter the climate of where you live.

Composite siding doesn’t expand or rot when exposed to moisture. It is waterproof, whereas wood and vinyl are not, and so it is also resistant to mold. This feature helps ensure the structural stability of your home more so than wood or vinyl, which can crack when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Composite siding also has insulating characteristics. It comes with a thermo-barrier coating that will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter without needing an extra insulating layer like wood or vinyl.

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Cost and Maintenance

Composite siding can be less expensive than alternative materials, running from $4.00-$8.00 a square foot. Professional installation generally ranges from $2.00-$5.50 a square foot.

It can also be installed by the homeowner for additional savings. Composite siding is lighter and easier to install than real wood, making it more user-friendly for DIY projects.

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Composite siding is a relatively low-maintenance product. It can easily be cleaned with just soap and water.

The siding should be repainted every five to ten years to keep it looking good and well protected. Everyday wear and tear from hail, rocks, wind, toys and balls, etc. can result in minor surface damage.

You can ask for an acrylic latex paint made specifically for wood composite at your local hardware store. Another option would be to choose composite siding that is colored all the way through.


Composite siding is a sustainable and eco-friendly option for your home as well. Because it uses scraps and sawdust from lumber mills, it puts less pressure on standing forests for resources.

Using these recycled materials makes it a sustainable choice. Look for products that have a wood certification or a sustainable forestry certification.

Another thing to consider when choosing your siding is finding one that uses a non-formaldehyde resin binder. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, so using a composite siding with pMDI is a healthier option.

Overall, composite siding is a durable, cost effective, and sustainable option to add curb appeal and longevity to the exterior of your home.


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