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Douglas Fir

douglas fir lumber
Douglas Fir Lumber

Douglas Fir is one of the most versatile species grown in North America. It grows abundantly throughout the Pacific Northwest so long term supply is not an issue or concern.

Douglas Fir has incredible strength which make it a popular choice for framing lumber and structural timbers.

Since Douglas Fir trees are often enormous, timbers can be as large as 24”x24” and as long as 50 feet in so finding the size you need is rarely a problem.

In addition to framing lumber and timbers, Douglas Fir trees produce a large amount “clear” lumber that makes some of the most beautiful siding and paneling in the world.


Douglas Fir is one of the most widely used species for framing due to its strength, dimensional stability and its availability. The most common framing grade is #2 and the most common uses are for rafters, joists, studs and posts.


Douglas Fir timbers are a great choice when large structural beams are required. We carry a #1 & Better grade of Douglas Fir timbers most of which are FOHC which reduces the amount of cracking and splitting often found in large timbers. These timbers can be surfaced to smooth and sized to the exact dimensions you project requires. If requested, we can also cut brackets, rafter tails and corbels from our timbers.

Clear Grades

Douglas Fir is available in clear flat grain or clear vertical grain. They are both clear grades but in vertical grain the grain is very straight and runs the length of the board. Vertical grain fir is a very popular siding choice since it provides a clean and linear look.