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Does Trex Decking Fade Over Time?

refinished deckDecking decisions are hard to make with all the options on the market today. One of the main features customers are looking for is durability. What is also prized is a deck that looks as good several years from now as it did the day it was installed. Fading is a big concern with the appearance of decking material over time.

For these reasons, we want to take a few moments to explore the merits of Trex decking.

What is Trex?

Trex decking is a composite decking material that has taken most of the risk out of deck fading. While their earlier product lines did have some fading, newer product lines have eliminated most fading concerns to the point that they offer a 25 year warranty against fading and warping.

Trex now offers a coating or “capping” of their decking products that provides stain and fade resistance. It also makes it scratch resistant. This high-performance shell has eliminated most of their earlier design issues and helps them last longer with better results.

These decks have been extensively tested over years to help homeowners and business owners have confidence in choosing Trex for their decking needs.

The newer material also is mold and mildew resistant. Mold and mildew used to be an issue and could change the color of decking material.

Now with the new capping, this is no longer an issue and decks are protected from staining and discoloration from mold and mildew.

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No product is completely fade-proof, unfortunately. The amount of fading that does still occur is minimal and hard to distinguish without a side by side comparison. While the new decking is made to withstand sun, harsh weather, and constant foot traffic, some fading will occur in the first 12-16 weeks.

Some colors fade more than others. With the warranty though, you should be worry free for 25 years against any major changes in color.

Three are a few things you can do to help with fading. Consider adding a covering to your deck to help with sun exposure. Sun shades for pergolas can help keep some of the harmful UV rays from penetrating your deck.

Since most fading will occur in the first summer, how you use your deck that first year will have lasting results. Limiting the amount of furniture and outdoor mats or rugs that first summer can help it to fade evenly.

Since no one builds a deck to not use it fully its first year, another thing to consider is changing the furniture arrangement frequently. This will help it fade more evenly and help you decide which arrangement you like best moving forward. Mats caa cause the most noticeable variations so limit or move them frequently as well.

For more info on fading issues, take a look at How Do I Restore My Deck to its Original Color.

Heat, Cleaning, Etc.

High heat can also damage or fade Trex decking. Using a grill mat under any grill or bbq can help protect your deck from this. It will also help keep grease drippings off your deck, which can stain. Most warranties will not cover damage from high heat sources, so taking this extra step can help protect your investment.

Cleaning your deck regularly can help enhance its color as well. While Trex decking won’t need to be refinished or have a lot of maintenance, regular cleaning is still recommended. Dirt from shoes and pets can build up and dull the appearance. Spraying it off regularly with water and a good cleaning with soap and water once a season will keep it looking new year after year.

Overall, newer composites have advanced to the point of making drastic fading of decking material a thing of the past. You can have confidence in the appearance of your deck over time and enjoy your investment for years to come.


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