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Decking Accessories

Decking Accessories

decking accessories

Feeney Cable Rail

Feeney is the gold standard when it comes to stainless steel cable railing. Their innovative connectors and unsurpassed quality makes Feeney the choice when choosing cable railing.

Deck Screws

Lee Roy Jordan Lumber carries a wide variety of screws in coated or stainless steel. Stainless steel options come with traditional decking heads or in trim heads.

Ipe Clips

The Ipe Clip Extreme is the best hidden fastener choice when installing tropical hardwood decking. These clips come with stainless steel screws and the clips have a metal insert to prevent overdriving at installation.

camo fastening system

Camo Fastening System

The Camo system uses a jig to “toe screw” decking without the need for clips. This saves money but still produces a beautiful deck.

Starborn Pro Plug

We feel this is the best of all the hidden fastener systems because it gives you the holding power of face screwing with the beauty of a hidden fastener system.

Harwood Wrench

This heavy duty bow wrench makes straightening out even the toughest of hardwoods a breeze. Nobody should build a deck without one of these great tools.

Ipe Oil

Ipe oil is formulated to penetrate even the hardest tropical hardwoods.

Ipe Sealer

For sealing end cuts in the field which reduces checking as boards season.