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Deck Lighting Ideas On A Budget

composite decking with furniture and string lightsIf you are looking for affordable deck and patio lighting ideas, then say no more and continue reading.

You cannot rely on lighting from your home, or the stars and the moon, to adequately light your patio on those lazy summer nights. Therefore, you must install a lighting system for the patio to illuminate it at nightfall.

Searching for lighting ideas on a budget can be tiresome. Let us save you from the exhausting task of researching and provide you with some wonderful patio lighting ideas.

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Floor Lighting

wooden deck with recessed lighting

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to light your deck is to equip your floors with lights. Securely place the lights on the floors and cover them with a glass.

As the lights are fixed on the floors, the luminosity can reach everywhere without an impediment. Ensure that the lights are covered and the wires run through insulation.

Recessed lighting is perhaps the safest and most popular type of floor lighting. Most installations can be done as a DIY project as long as you have the right tools.  

Fence Lighting

Fence lighting is a smart option because it provides light not just for your deck, but your entire yard. Place the bulbs evenly along the fence or the deck railing to get the required brightness.

Positioning the lights along the fence will grant an equal amount of luminosity to the floor and your patio furniture. Consequently, you can operate smoothly on the deck during nighttime. Speaking of accessorizing your deck, check out our Decking Accessories service page to learn more about supplies that we offer.

String Lights

String lights are a trendy choice for sprucing up an outdoor space. These are waterproof and give a soft glow. They are also the most flexible when it comes to choosing where you want to place them. 

String lights typically take 20W per string, so they can easily fit into your budget without raising your utility bill. You can use a single set or install multiple sets according to your preferences and deck size

Solar Lights

Another low-cost lighting option is solar lights. Solar lights are inexpensive and readily available in the market. In addition to the perk of enjoying them yourself, quality deck lighting is a sure-fire way to enhance your home value if you’re thinking about selling.

They use solar energy as a power source and are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor lighting. The bulb voltage ranges from 2V to 3V. The design is usually slim and chic, promising to enhance the adornment of your patio.


Patio lighting ideas are important because night is usually cooler during the summers and people prefer to sit outside. Moreover, the task of adding patio lighting requires your creativity as well as your ability to manifest prudence in your expenses.

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