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cypress lumber

Southern Cypress

Often noted for its durability, Cypress is one of the most beautiful species of wood available. Natural oils within the Cypress tree make it resistant to rot and decay which makes Cypress a good choice for exterior construction. When milled, Cypress displays a predominantly yellow tone, with reddish, chocolate or olive hues.

Although Cypress is often incorporated into exterior construction, its warm soft golden appearance makes it a popular choice for interior paneling and trim.

“Select and better” grade is almost free of knots and is a perfect option for applications where the highest quality material is required. If numerous knots are acceptable, then “#2 and better” grade is a more affordable and an equally beautiful alternative.

“Pecky” is a popular type of cypress where a fungal attack on an older tree gives the appearance of worm holes. The photo at the top right shows an example of pecky cypress.

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