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Can Cedar Wood be Painted?

can cedar wood be painted?Can cedar wood be painted? Cedar wood is an adaptable and robust domestic hardwood that originated in Asia and the Mediterranean.  Cedar trees currently grow in many areas around the world.

There are numerous varieties of cedar trees. Although, for lumber purposes, Eastern and Western red cedar are the most popular cedars.

Furthermore, this wood can withstand most weather conditions and will not shrink or become warped.

Common uses of cedar wood

Cedar can be used for a variety of applications because of its attractive appearance, including siding, trim, decking, and fencing.

Color of cedar wood

Although it might have some purple undertones, pinkish-red is the hue of cedar wood in its majority. It loses its reddish overtones as it matures and turns silver or grey in color.

Why use cedar wood?

Use cedar wood because it is durable, sound resistant, naturally insect repellent, and beautiful. The University of Hawaii has published an informative article titled, “Prediction of the Decay and Termite Resistance of Western Red Cedar Heartwood.”

Paint vs. stain

The question remains, is cedar wood paintable? The way paint and stain adhere to cedar is the key distinction between them.

Paint serves as a coating applied over the wood and is a pigmented, opaque (solid color) coating that is available in practically any color. It totally conceals the old wood and reduces the amount of wood grain that is visible.

The paint ultimately needs to be removed and redone since it “sits” on the surface of the wood. It’s vital to remember that after cedar wood has been painted, it cannot be stained until the paint has been fully removed, which is an expensive task.

The stain is more transparent and contains less pigment. It permits some of the original color and texture of the wood to be visible. The stain will last longer than paint if the wood is porous, since it will seep into the wood rather than just coat it.

The penetration of stains helps the cedar resist moisture from snow, rain, and ice. There are solid-color or semi-transparent stains available.

Solid-color stains have thicker coverage and resemble a flat, monochromatic paint, whereas semi-transparent stains are opaque but have a faint coloring that enhances the original color of the wood.

Which is it, then? Stain or paint? The optimum response will depend on the condition of the cedar. Stain applied to painted cedar  lasts longer and frequently looks more natural. For houses that have peeling issues, paint offers extra protection and is a smart option.

Tips for staining cedar wood

  1. Clean up the cedar wood.
  2. Remove the sawdust and sand.
  3. Apply wood conditioner to cedar.
  4. Dry the wood out.
  5. Put wood stain on it.
  6. Allow it to totally dry.

Tips for painting cedar wood

  1. Select the appropriate kind of paint for the cedar.
  2. Before painting the cedar, prime it.
  3. Use a paintbrush rather than a sprayer or roller.
  4. Pain cedar sometime between the 3rd and 11th week of install.
  5. If at all possible, select vertical-grain cedar. Vertical grain cedar absorbs alkyd-oil stain-blocking primers more effectively than flat grain cedar due to the direction of the cell structure.
  6. Rather than self-priming paint, use a two-coat system.
  7. Frequently paint cedar siding
  8. Make use of premium primer and paint.

red cedar roof shinglesWrapping Up

So yes, cedar is able to be painted, and it is a lovely choice for your home. If you have interest in wood projects like decking, siding, or fencing, try cedar. It is easy to maintain and is highly durable.

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