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Best Deck Furniture for Small Decks

Shaded deck with curved wooden benchIf you have a small deck, then furnishing it can be a bit of a difficult task. There’s not much room for you to go too crazy. When it comes to choosing optimal deck décor, we recommend that you first measure the usable space on your deck.

After getting the measurements, you can formulate an initial design for furnishing the deck. You can do this mentally, or you can map it out with basic dimensions based on furniture you’ve seen in the store or online. This practice allows you to be certain about the type of furniture appropriate for your deck space.

To help you figure out what stuff you should buy, we have prepared a list of the best furniture for small decks.

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Coffee Tables

For a smaller deck, use compact coffee tables. You should select wooden coffee tables that have been finished with a quality sealant, as they are more resistant to rain, humidity, etc. than their metal counterparts. They will also last longer than cheaper plastic products.

The iron or steel tables are prone to oxidation and can rust easily. Therefore, it is suitable to buy a quality furniture set up-front, rather than having to replace it once it wears out.

The table should be spacious enough to accommodate glassware and utensils, but should not be so bit that it encumbers the walking space on your deck. This Season’s Best Deck and Patio Decor also has some fantastic ideas. 

Deck Seating

It is necessary to make seating arrangements on the deck in order to host family meals and small social gatherings. Seating is one of the most important aspects of deck furniture. You should remain cautious during the shopping and refrain from anything that is gigantically extravagant!

Be prudent with the seating arrangement and choose a four-to-five-piece set. Make sure you avoid sofas, as they will take up a lot of space and be difficult to move.

If you’re looking for additional seating for larger gatherings, consider adding a slender, cushioned bench in addition to the table-side seating. Small end-tables can easily accommodate for meals and late evenings with a bottle of wine.

Choose chairs that look aesthetic and are also cozy. Be wary of appealing designs, because appearances can be deceptive and steal your comfort. Would you rather have 6 comfy seats on your back deck, or 9 that no one wants to sit in? We know what we would choose!

Want to learn what your options are when it comes to decking out your deck? Check out our Decking Materials page for some beautiful visuals of what we can help you create!


Keep a large outdoor umbrella on your deck. Some people think their only option is to buy a large table with the umbrella in the center, but this simply isn’t true. There are several styles of free-standing umbrellas and shade canopies available to fit the size and style of your deck or patio.

For smaller decks, select a lighter color tone for your umbrella, as light colors give an airy and more spacious appearance. Some would say that your best option is a “sunbrella,” made of fabric that blocks UV rays without creating an area of complete shade the way a solid building will do. 


Furnishing small decks is more complicated than embellishing a large or patio. You will have to assess your options repeatedly unless you find the right choice that satiates your demands and does not minimize the available space of the deck. Check the online stores to find the best deck furniture models.

Compare each item and search for the pros and cons of the manufacturing materials. Examine the furniture pictures and contrast them with your deck to rule out some options and check the others. Only these measures can ensure that you will have a successful furniture purchase for your small deck space.

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