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Best Composite Decking for Full Sun

composite deckingComposite decking first became available back in the 1980s. Initially, it had a leg up on wood for longevity and maintenance, but was still losing out when it came to heat resistance.

Here we’ll give you the best options to choose for a composite deck in full sun.

The manufacturing process has been refined to include materials that provide substantial heat reduction. This is good news for bare feet on decks that get several hours of sun exposure. 

Some companies use a mix of bamboo and plastics. While others use a mix of both organic and recycled materials. Furthermore, others offer a fully synthetic product that is wholly weather-resistant. There are many choices on the market, and installing composite decking is a significant investment.

Here are a few companies whose products are trusted by LRJ Lumber: 

Options for Full Sun Composite Decking 

Fortress Decking

This manufacturer offers heat-resistant decking made from bamboo, plastics, and other recycled materials. Their product is as friendly on bare feet as it is on the environment. 

The decking provided by Fortress is UV-resistant, which promotes longevity by resisting molecular breakdown often caused by solar weathering. It’s a great choice for humid and rainy climates, as well as poolside decks, as it also includes antimicrobial composites that make the material thoroughly water-resistant. This means there’s no risk of rotting or decomposition. 


Fiberon offers a fully capped product, which they’ve termed “capstock.”  This means the outer layer of the decking is covered on all sides with a synthetic material, rendering it fully weatherproof. 

Just like the other, they also incorporate recycled materials in their composite mix. For further sun and heat resistance, they also add antioxidants to the compound. This component provides a final product that sustains the integrity of the material on a molecular level.

Moisture Shield 

This company utilizes a process they’ve trademarked as “cooldeck technology.”  Providing heat resistant decking is one of their specialties. 

The fully capped wood is treated with materials that reduce the heat transference from the surface to your body by 35 degrees or more. Moisture Shield’s manufacturing process offers a product that is thoroughly resistant to both sun and water exposure for years to come. 

Benefits of Full Sun Composite Decking

While it is more expensive up-front than wood, composite decking saves thousands of dollars in the longrun on upkeep, repairs, and replacements. Wooden decks, especially those with full sun exposure, need to be refinished at least every 2 years. Even then, they can eventually wear out from long-term use and exposure to the elements. On the other hand, most composite decking comes with at least a 30-year warranty. 

Composite materials are designed to look far more natural now than in previous decades, so there is no need to sacrifice aesthetics for resilience. With innovative features such as antioxidants, antimicrobial material, and the use of recycled goods, composite decking offers myriad benefits that well justify the overall cost. 


10 thoughts on “Best Composite Decking for Full Sun”

  1. All Full Hard beating Sun I have, currently a pressure treated deck, going on 20 yes, but want Composite decking now. Any thoughts and free samples mailed to me..Its a 20′ by 16′ Deck.

  2. We live in the Charleston, SC area with baking sun.
    Tired to staining decks.
    Is there a composite material that can withstand the long southern summer sun?

    • All the composites will hold up to your sun exposure but stick with lighter colors as they will typically be cooler to walk on than the darker composites.

  3. Can you send a sample? We have a large swim deck at the lake. It is so hot on kids feet. We have been painting it with Koldeck paint which works great but have to repaint and replace wood every year. It is white which helps reflect heat. I would love to see a sample and a location close to purchase.
    Thank you so much!

  4. I live in Hawaii in a rain forest. Tons of rain but also lots of sun. Will composite decking hold up with extensive rain and a climate such as mine??

  5. I just purchased fibercon decking materials and my contractor told me it was a bad choice and heats up quickly. He said I should get trex instead. Is this true does anyone know if it heats faster then trex?

    • You won’t notice much difference in retention of heat between the composite brands. Your contractor is wrong about that. The difference in heat is between darker and lighter colors. Darker colors retain more heat than a lighter color does. So if you plan to walk barefoot in the summer on your deck, make sure you have a lighter color.


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