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4 Ways To Prevent Summer Damage on Wooden Deck

composite decking with bench and ray of sunlightDecks are a blessing in the summer. You don’t have to stay indoors. You can casually spend some time on the front deck, relax with the family and work on your tan.

That sounds pretty nice, right?

Well, the summer may be relaxing for you, but it’s not doing a whole lot of good for your deck. The sheer heat, piercing UV rays, and North Texas humidity can be a nightmare for your deck.

Here are four ways to make sure your deck can survive the summer looking as good as new.

Go For a Composite Deck

The best way to keep your deck safe in the summer is to not get a

However, there’s a new deck in town that’s taking homeowners by storm. Composite lumber is a popular alternative to traditional wooden materials. Composite decks are much more durable and reliable than their counterparts.

The composite material is made by mixing wood particles with plastic to create a unique material that’s almost immune to sun damage. This is a primary reason why many prefer composite decking.

Get a Lighter Toned Deck

We’ve all heard someone say, “Don’t wear a black shirt. It’s hot outside”. Well, if you’re familiar with the science behind it, the same analogy can be used with decks as well. Dark colors naturally absorb more UV rays, and therefore more heat.

On the contrary, white is capable of reflecting practically anything. A light colored deck will automatically be cooler than a darker on

trespa pura colors for wood decking

 wooden deck. It’s that simple. Back in the day, wood was the only option we have.


Sure, a dark brown deck does look really good, but it’s probably not going to retain its beauty after one or two summers. So the added heat that comes along with a darker shade may not be worth the initial beauty that’s sure to fade.

Postpone Pressure Washing

If you have a wooden deck, you’ll know that pressure washing is one of the best ways to keep it clean. You can scrub for hours, but you won’t get nearly the same results as pressure washing.

However, if you’re planning on taking the water jet to your deck in the summer, that’s probably not such a good idea. The water pressure will soften the wood, leaving it more vulnerable to sun damage.

There is no point in risking damage to your deck when you can simply wait until the weather cools for a thorough washing. To learn more about when and how to pressure wash your deck with minimal damage, take a look at our article that answers, “Will the Pressure Washer Harm or Cut into my Decking?

Apply a Sealant

A wooden deck and sealant is a match made in heaven. A sealant is a protective coating that can keep your deck safe from all kinds of different elements such as water damage, dew, mold, etc.

And, as you can probably guess, one of those elements that can be most damaging is sunlight. If you’re using a premium-quality protective sealant, it’s going to reflect most of the sunlight and UV rays. A protective sealant pretty much ensures that your deck isn’t on fire through the summer.

Need a bit of DIY advice? Take a look at our Stripping and Sealing a Wooden Deck: How-To Guide.

If you want the benefits of a sealant without the responsibility of re-applying it every couple of years, high-pressure laminate materials are a great option. Trespa Pura is a popular choice because of its high quality and variety of color options.

Closing Thoughts

All the tips that we mentioned above are preventative measures. If the damage is done, there’s not much you can do about it. But, if you’re looking to install a brand new deck, the Lee Roy Jordan Lumber Company can help you out.

We’re a company named after the famous Lee Roy Jordan and are aiming to match his successful football career with a legacy in the lumber industry. If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced vendor to install your next deck, we’re the folks that you need to call.

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  1. Having heard you describe how A hardwood deck and sealant go together like bread and butter. A sealant is a covering that may shield your deck from a variety of hazards, including water damage, dew, mildew, etc. To have a dedicated location where we can unwind and practice meditation, my husband and I are interested in having a deck constructed for us. Since we want to maintain things looking vintage, we are interested in wood railings for our deck. I’ll make sure to take your advice into account so we can properly manage our deck.

  2. My husband is excited about getting an Aluminum Deck Railing System because he believes it will add a touch of elegance and safety to our outdoor space, creating a beautiful environment for us to relax and spend quality time together as a family. Additionally, he envisions the railing systems as a practical solution that will provide a secure boundary while also enhancing the overall aesthetics of our deck, making it a space we can truly enjoy and be proud of. I’ll also encourage him to consider what you said about how when you can simply wait for the weather to settle down before giving your deck a good cleaning, there is no need in risking harm. Thanks.


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